Secret of spin


Author: Šimon Majlát
Dimensions: 71 x 65 x 145 cm
Technique: Walnut wood, copper, stainless steel
Year: 2018
Additional info:
Sophisticated bar cabinet “Secret of spin” is the result of combining various passions and joy to fulfill the desires. Both, the process of creation and the object itself, are for me the bearer of basic idea: to harmonize the diversity in the whole.
Author´s note:
The individual hemispheres are each glued of approximately 110 segments of walnut wood that have been produced by steaming, drying and bending. This process was a challenge for me and led me to the very idea of producing a “globe”.
The continents are cut and wound from copper and then glued to the surface.
The inner “spheres” are made and adapted to fit the bottles and cups, giving the creation also a practical dimension. The painting of the night sky from the incident, made by the local artist, is the culmination of the point of creating this subject: combining the various directions, such as precise technological procedures, art and purposefulness.
The stand is also glued from bent nutwood in conjunction with carved stainless steel segments. Hinge, along with the mechanism, was designed and manufactured very decently, exclusively for “secret of spin” needs.
Overall, I’ve had an idea of “globe” in my head for years.The actual realization lasted more than one year and over 1000 hours.


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Majlát Šimon