Silver root

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Author: Šimon Majlát
Dimensions: 21 x 34 x 53 cm
Technique: Walnut wood and stainless steel
Year: 2018 / 2019
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Sophisticated table lamp “Silver root” is the result of combining various passions and joy to fulfill the desires. Both, the process of creation and the object itself, are for me the bearer of basic idea: to harmonize the diversity in the whole.
Author´s note:
The lamp itself is based on the idea of ​​creating an unconventional switching mechanism and joining two different materials – wood and stainless steel.
A simple switch is a practical companion, but I always missed a certain amount of interest and idea in it. The design is therefore based on the combination of the idea of ​​switching (dimming the light) and the principle of simple geometric elements (arcs and circles).
The main idea of the base is asymmetry in one of the flats represented by the offset of the axis of “twigs” in one direction and thus the difference of the arcs themselves.
The pedestal is a simple roll with “grassy area”.
The central part comes out of the mechanism itself – the wooden “keg” rotates and by this causes switching and setting the brightness of the light.
Creation of the “neck” consisted of manual shaping of the arch and gripping of the ball hinge of the shield. The idea of this process I had in my head, but only the realization itself resulted in the final appearance.
The shade is a cone with using the motive of “defect of the wood”. The movement of the shade is ensured by the ball hinge.
The type of wood used is the stabilized European walnut. Stabilization is the process by which wood is impregnated with resin to ensure maximalisation of material homogenization. Such as wood is minimally affected by environmental influences,its form is stable and its color is preserved.
Other elements are made of stainless steel, “wood defects” and “grassy area” are made of crystal resin.
Mentioning the asymmetry is an important moment, because in my works I try to use this principle to upgrade the design. Asymmetry inspires me because in the world it provides diversity, formates variations and therein creates “something new”.

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Majlát Šimon