Abstract painting No.519

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Author: Ľubomír Miča
Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 4 cm
Technique: Oilpainting
Year: 2021
Additional info:
I use 100% high-quality cotton canvas for painting which I stretch myself on massive 4x4cm lower frames. After the painting dries, I clean the sides of the canvas with white paint. So the picture does not have to be framed.
The author comments:
When creating my paintings, I start from my own construction of ideas and experiences, which I directly transform into a richly saturated abstract surface. I use various possibilities of working with colour in areas, spots, structures and in sharp contrasts of complementary colour chords, as a basic element for my own composition of emotional reflexes. With this painting, I accompany the viewer into the inner world of ideas and feelings.

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Miča Ľubomír