Call of the Wild

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Author: Daniel Benkič
Dimensions: 2019
Technique: Acrylic painting on canvas
Year: 70 x 100 cm
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The work is offered framed
The author comments:
It is a calm autumn night. I’m coming home. I am standing here on the border of two worlds and wondering where I belong. I feel tired. I’m not very old, but I feel like I’m 80. Suddenly, my head finally stops. The mind shuts down and I just stand there and listen to the rare silence that has come inside of me. I can hear my breath and my heartbeat. It seems that everything in my life is starting to fit together, even though I always thought it was just a bunch of coincidences and strange games of fate. I feel good about it. Even the fatigue seems to have passed. I admire the old trees in front of me. They do not feel fear, envy, anger and similar emotions. They do not judge or evaluate anyone. They just stand here and silently watch how we are doing. I would like to be like a tree and therefore I will definitely go here more often in the future. I will be coming back and listening to the silent call of the wild…

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Benkič Daniel