Mutuality Amareto / 2019


Author: Braňo Brody
Dimensions: 112 x 22 x 18 cm
Technique: Steel, metalic colours, lacquer
Year: 2019
Additional info:
The work has a high glossy surface. Settles on an elegant stone pedestal.
The author comments:
The story to the work of art: a woman and a man, the eternal classics, a couple, mutuality – theme that I love and enjoy, that will never get overlooked in the interiors. This work was born by accident .. it started at the wrecking yard … the old rusty iron intended to be swallowed by the blast furnace … caught my attention … and was saved from going into the container, but, instead, had returned to the workshop to be melted by extremely hot and dangerous plasma burning lines, scars, and contours into it … involving grinders and welders that also did their piece of work … and after several days and nights a piece of iron was no longer just a piece of old iron … this rust and shine have continued… getting the name … Mutuality Amareto.


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Braňo Brody