White whale – commode

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Author: Šimon Majlát
Dimensions: 275 x 60 x 60 cm
Material: wood, metal
Year: 2020 – 2021
Additional info:
The original, the only one made by the author. At the same time, the author, as with other works, decided that there would be only one left forever.
All external shapes of this box are rounded and its shape is inspired by the largest mammal in the world.

The author comments:
I wanted to create something that at first glance would not look like what it is. A cabinet was created where none of the outer surfaces is flat. Each of the shapes has some type of curvature.
I cared that all these shapes were gradually processed by hand, using traditional methods and traditional tools.
I chose European oak for the construction of the cabinet body, the drawers are made of maple wood and their outer surface consists of several hand-sanded layers of sealants with a main layer of polished polyurethane paint.
The internal shapes of the side drawers have a distinctive structure due to the manual machining of carving chisels.
To preserve the main idea, the legs are also round in shape, the elliptical leg is turned from cherry wood and the spherical legs are welded from steel. The surfaces are finished with polyurethane paint.
For the whole concept, it was necessary that all the mechanisms for drawer drawers be hidden and therefore they are designed from the bottom, ie from the outside of the bottom of the drawer.
The other components of the cabinet are made of aluminum (rear wall) and stainless steel (connecting elements).
The whole process of implementation from the design to the final adjustment of the shape and movement of the drawers took me more than a year and I certainly spent more than 1000 hours producing this work.
The “White Whale” box is and will always be produced only one.

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Majlát Šimon