Mammoth tusk – coffee table


Author: Šimon Majlát
Dimensions: width 60 cm x length 140 cm x height 53 cm, weight ca. 55kg
Technique: metal, wood, glass
Year: 2020
Additional info:
Board table from processed heat-treated glass is stored on two legs, which are manually created from different materials. The “front” foot in the shape of a peer is formed by welded brass rods. Gaps are filled by “liquid metal”. The “rear“ foot is made of lime wood in which they are manually implemented ornaments, and the bottom legs for the plane setting of the table. Walnut wood is used for the complement of glass plate and the shapes under the glass.
The author comments:
The name of the work appears practically always after its realization, just like in this case, where the observers commented the table as Mammoth tusk


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Majlát Šimon