Floor lamp – CHALICE


Author: Šimon Majlát
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 174 cm
Technique: Walnut wood, brass and stainless steel
Year: 2019
Additional info:
Sophisticated floor lamp “Chalice” is the result of combining various passions and joy to fulfill the desires. Both, the process of creation and the object itself, are for me the bearer of basic idea: to harmonize the diversity in the whole.
Author´s note:
The lamp is predominantly made of stabilized wood, stainless steel and brass. The design is slim and elegant, reminiscent of a chalice. In the central part (keg), there is a mechanism for switching on and adjusting the intensity of lighting with a brass ring. On the shade, there are “chaotic” ornaments of 24 carat gold leaf on the inside and in the openings.


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Majlát Šimon